August 2022 – I spent the first week of August catching crickets and talking science with the Williams lab and many awesome collaborators at Sedgwick Reserve! We caught over 200 Gryllus lineaticeps crickets to bring back up to Berkeley to replenish our lab colonies, and I got to wear my field bucket hat (double win).

  • A photo with a cricket
  • People searching for crickets in the dark

August 2022 – Our research in PNAS has been making the press rounds! I was interviewed about our exciting story on CBC Radio Active across Canada and on AM 660 radio news in Edmonton and Calgary (I show up at ~32 mins). Our research also made it across the pond and was featured in an article in New Scientist, a science and technology magazine based in the UK.

July 2022 – My latest PhD work is finally published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the U.S.A! Check it out here to read all about beetles, mitochondria, and lack thereof during winter, and see a wonderful press release here for plenty of gas price puns and glamour shots of Brent Sinclair.

March 2022 – I successfully defended my thesis and am off to start a postdoc with Dr. Caroline Williams at UC Berkeley! You can read about my work on diapause and cold tolerance in the Colorado potato beetle here. It’s “Dr. Jackie” now.

Drinking bubbly from my pandemic-friendly goblet of Knowledge